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Time Gate

There is this red lamp here in my room, it's a bloody orange light very elegant, its feet is in a gold color

And there is this obsession coming back over and over to photograph its reflect in objects, the warm and mysterious atmosphere it brings to the room. 

Its presence attracts me, it's like a gate of time including future, past, and the present seconds while it stays constantly there. I had almost the same all my childhood. This one was at my awesome housemate freshly repatriated in Belgium. For me this red lamp it's also a missing, a remembrance of her. She offered it to me before our cuddly farewells, in front of few cops and children's neighbors, who were certainly alerted by screams, injuries and slamming doors coming from our house. Her departure wasn't easy. « Be sure to have fun! » That's what she told me at this point.

Sincerely, I have a bunch of fun with my lamp.

Hobart, 2017

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