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Estelle Magnin is a visual artist living in Paris. She studied visual arts at Strasbourg University and graduated from a Master in curating exhibitions at La Sorbonne, Paris. She is a photographer and painter and began mixing these two techniques during an artistic residency in Beijing in 2019. 


Her style involves illusory aspects of the natural world. She photographs with a documentary approach through the themes of the street, landscape and portrait. She first takes hold of what reality offers us, a reality that already possesses a great deal of fiction in itself. Her paintings on photography insist on this duality, being inspired in particular by the aquatic universe and (over)natural phenomena. She seizes an elusive emotion at the moment of taking the photo and translates it by imagination into painting. Her work probes the memory of the senses and questions the perception we have of the world and of images, blurring the tracks or the opposite. 


Master 2 in curating art exhibition, Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne, 2016
Master 1 in organization of cultural events, Paris 3 Sorbonne nouvelle, 2015

Bachelor degree in visual arts, Strasbourg university, 2014


2023 / May : «ImageNation Paris 2023» Galerie Joseph le Palais, Paris

2023 / Jan - Feb : Group exhibition «Colorama»

-Nikon Plazza Paris

2022 / Group exhibition «Prix Juvenars» -IESA Arts & Culture, Paris

2021 / Group exhibition «Australian Flavors»

-Carreau du Temple, Paris

2023 / May : «Liquida Photofestival», Cavallerizza Torino, Italy