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It vanishes


"In the early morning the world ceases to be what it was the night before, and only a faint notion of the universe reaches one's consciousness. Travelers -if there any- are in constant search of water. Empires crumble while being built. The spirit is humiliated by the sun. The only lakes one can see are hallucinations. Therefore, the spirit easily breaks loose, all inner boundaries transgressed. The passage is operated in full light. Insanity becomes normative and memories are taken for projections into the future. Water becomes the object of sexual desire. The self ignores when it was born. Light stays in infinite immobility. Then from one second to the next it vanishes. By then nobody knows if the darkness is of the soul or of the world."

Etel Adnan, "In the heart of the heart of another country", City Lights, 2005

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