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The source I'm looking for


Water is where life begins. I start from the water to express the pursuit of self-knowledge. I am looking for the source, without being sure to find it. I question the mystery of water and of being, in search of tracks which, little by little, will lead me to the source.

This series consists of three parts, each of which refers to the changing links we have with water. The first evokes our daily life with it, its basic uses such as drinking or washing, practical, trivial and necessary uses that give access to life. The second part represents our equal relationship with water. The water landscapes are tangible, conducive to contemplation. They act on us, and we are free to merge into them or leave them. In the third part, I reveal the magical illusions of water, its power to transform the real into the unreal. We can lose ourselves in its fantastic or on the contrary, find there a key to access to knowledge.

Combined, these three parts, our use of water, our equal relationship with it and the unreal space it gives us, form a cycle, a circular movement in which the source is hidden, perhaps gushing, or even dried up.

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