Light Residents

The light reflects and irradiates windows and walls of buildings. From the outside, it settles softly or it blazes. It fixes itself on the geometry of the houses, it intrudes in the interstices of the facades. Clouds or mountains that sometimes border the city participate in its brightness. Then, as the day goes on, the light comes out from the interiors. A special atmosphere emerges from our living spaces. By lighting up, each home becomes a common property to the eye. It gathers, unifies in its particularities. As the day fades, the light rings its bell: it is shared from one building to another and carries with it a quantity of emotions. In this series, we are in China, Tasmania, France and Switzerland at this pivotal moment when the light of cities belongs to all its residents. 

« Light stays in infinite mobility. Then from one second to the next it vanishes. By then nobody knows if the darkness is of the soul or of the world. » Etel Adnan, In The Heart of a Heart of Another Country, Edition City Lights, 2005